At Postconsumers, we’ve been encouraging you to do something other than shop (anything other than shop) on Black Friday since long before the topic was trendy! While we love that stepping away from the consumer mass machine on Black Friday, and for that matter the week before it and the week after it, has been an idea that’s gained traction over the years, that doesn’t mean that we can take our foot off the gas when it comes to encouraging people to get out and LIVE instead of BUY this Black Friday “season.” Here, you’ll find many of our favorite resources for both gaining information on the Black Friday phenomenon as well as inspirations for more satisfying ways to spend your time.

50 Things to Do Other Than Shop on Black Friday

Our original piece of content on inspirations for things that you can do other than hit the mall on Black Friday is on its fifth iteration. We believe that there’s something for every type of person on this list to inspire you to get out of the way of the shopping bags and sales this Black Friday season. Enjoy a gallery preview below or see the entire list right here >>

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