Marketing 101 from Postconsumers

The first question that you may be asking is, “Why would somebody who is rejoicing to separate themselves from the consumer machine and addictive consumerism want to learn about marketing?” The second question that you may be asking yourself is, “Aren’t there plenty of places on the internet where I can learn about marketing?” We can answer both of those questions for you! One of your best moves is to learn about marketing because it is designed to make you forget that the levers are being moved by corporate marketers so you believe that you need “more, more, more” to be happy. If you understand the tactics and techniques that they’re using, it will be easier to recognize them and not react to them. The second question is equally easy to answer. Most of the marketing tutorials that you will find on the internet are designed to turn you into a marketer. Ours is designed to make you aware of marketing and avoid falling prey to it. Our marketing materials, which you’ll find below, are written by actual professional marketers who are just being one thousand percent honest about what’s going on behind the scenes. We welcome you to browse the highlights below or visit our larger section on marketing and consumer marketing traps.

Thirty Seven Common Marketing Tricks: If you understand these thirty-seven common marketing tricks and traps, you’re already ahead of the game when it comes to heading off marketers. Read More >>

Seasonal Marketing Traps: From the Christmas and winter holidays to Valentine’s Day, back-to-school to wedding season. Marketers have techniques and tactics that are seasonally specific. Read More >>

Digital Marketing Traps: We all spend more time than we should online, which is why digital marketing is often what we’re most susceptible to. Learn how to be online without being a target. Read More >>