At Postconsumers, we consider addictive consumerism at the core of overlooked discussion on changes that must be made in order to save the planet. It’s not only the “stuff” and the environmentally unfriendly practices behind producing it, packaging it and transporting it that harms the planet, it’s also the mindset that the culture of consumption propagates that leads to environmental stressors. A mindset of “more, more, more” also means the desire for more energy, more water and the creation of more trash. And that means that in order to save the planet we need to focus on energy conservation, water conservation, recycling measures andcuring the maniac mindset that has led to overuse of all of those resources.  In the Postconsumers Save the Planet Content Hub, you’ll find our resources for every one of these areas, as well as inspirational memes and images and some fun as well. Browse on to explore all of our content designed to help you save the planet.

The first step to saving the planet is to begin to adopt small green living practices in your everyday life.Browse all of our green living tips

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