Those with kids know all too well how old clothes can stack up quickly – after all, they’re growing every single day, so what fits one week might not the next – so getting rid of clothes can be a chore. Many parents are super busy and don’t have the time to drop off their kids’ old clothes at the local charity store. A new website called thredUP offers parents a way to swap their kids’ clothes – and maybe make a little money, too.


Browse Gently Used Clothing

Parents who participate in thredUP can swap clothes by browsing thredUP’s site, which lists boxes of kids’ clothes from other parents. If a parent likes a specific box, they pay for the box plus shipping. Once you receive your box, review it on thredUp’s site to help maintain quality control. To give away their own kids’ clothes, parents are encouraged to get a free box from the Postal Service to pack with clothes, and once their box is chosen, thredUP schedules a pickup time (though you can drop off at your local post office if it’s easier) as well as provides a free shipping label. The site also offers a concierge service – just put a bunch of your gently used kids’ clothes in a thredUP bag, and they will sort and list your clothes for free. On the site, you can make up to $10 for every 3-4 review your boxes get. In their concierge service, thredUp will pay you for every acceptable piece of clothing, and gives unused clothes to charity.


Teach Kids Budgeting Through Clothes Swapping

Swapping kids’ clothes this way is a great opportunity to teach your kids about some budgeting skills as well as how to give stuff away (when they’re old enough to understand, of course!). Have them help you put a box together, go with you to the post office to drop it off, and you can use the money you’ve made from a highly-reviewed box to show them how to save up for an item, or just show them how to make a “rainy day” fund. It’s a great way for kids to learn how to be a Postconsumer early!

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