From how much water you use without realizing its impact to the best ways to practice water conservation, learning to change how we view and use our water resources is essential to stemming the tide of climate change and protecting our planet.  At Postconsumers, we consider addictive consumerism at the core of what is unaddressed about the climate change crisis, including the peak water crisis. The mindset that the culture of consumption propagates leads to water waste. A mindset of “more, more, more” also means the desire for more water, more swimming pools, more showers, more fancy fountains … the list goes on! In the Postconsumers Water Conservation Hub, you’ll not only find facts about water and how we (mis)use it, you’ll also find inspirations and useful tips for easy, everyday ways to conserve it.

Water Conservation Facts. Knowledge is power, and to know why you need to conserve water you need to know these facts. Get the facts

Understanding Ocean Acidification. Not all water waste is visible. How water contamination is impacting the planet happens in the water. Learn more

Understanding Peak Water. Peak water is a very real thing, and it has very real consequences. Learn more about peak water