Presents inspiring case studies. . . The message: If they can do it, so can you.  It's about feeling satisfied, not deprived.  About filling up, not emptying out.

The 20 people whose stories are included in "GET SATISFIED" for the most part live in regular houses in urban or suburban neighborhoods across the country. . . how they define the concept of "enough" varies dramatically from one story to the next.

"GET SATISFIED: How Twenty People Like You Found the Satisfaction of Enough" heralds a satisfaction movement in this country, and not a moment too soon.  Judging from the flood of public responses to the call for satisfying stories, people want fulfillment and sufficiency.  What a relief for our maxed-out lives and for our maxed-out planet!  Everybody finds the satisfaction of enough in different ways and this book shines a light forward on many of them.  I'm glad I'm satisfied.  You will be too.
ED BEGLEY, JR. — Actor and Activist

"GET SATISFIED" is a book for every American who wants to break free from the tyranny of overload, overconsumption, and environmental insensitivity to find a simpler, more satisfying life. This book -- produced by Postconsumers -- is a watershed in America's quest for national and planetary sanity.
WANDA URBANSKA – Host/Coproducer, Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska public television series

This is the book we really need, the one that cuts to the core: firsthand stories of truly satisfied people.
BILL MCKIBBEN – Author, “Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future”

Recycle all those other self-help books -- this is the only one you will need.  The secret to a true, deep happiness can be found in these beautifully personal stories from ordinary Americans.  I was genuinely inspired after reading this book.  “GET SATISFIED: How Twenty People Like You Found the Satisfaction of Enough” will help you find joy in a place that you might have forgotten to look: your own life.
ALEXANDRA PAUL– Actor and Activist

“GET SATISFIED” is a wonderful antidote to our over-stuffed and over-rushed world.  Through the powerful stories of 20 people who were at one point in their lives just as over-taxed and over-extended as the rest of us, we are given insight after insight into what really makes life satisfying and complete.  Sometimes that understanding has come through a tumultuous and unexpected life experience, sometimes through conscious choice, but always with the end result that life has changed markedly and delightfully.  It may not be a simpler life, though sometimes it is, but it is certainly a life in which the delight of being fully alive permeates every day and every breath.  This is the promise of the book you have in your hands, and the promise of what it feels like when you know, unequivocally, that you have enough.
SARAH SUSANKA – Author, “The Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters"

This is the real thing. In an age when we’re surrounded with the fake, the artificial, and the phony... in a time when we feel lied to, deceived, and manipulated... it’s exhilarating to hear real stories from real people showing us fulfilling, satisfying ways to live. We’re all looking for answers to the devastating forces of greed and emptiness, and we’ll find answers here.
CECILE ANDREWS -- Author, “Slow is Beautiful: New Visions of Community, Leisure, and Joie de Vivre” and “The Circle of Simplicity: Return to the Good Life”

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