Here are some valuable links to reciprocal resources that can provide important ways to Get Satisfied:


Alternatives for Simple Living

America's Debt Help Organization

American Dream

American Mania

Awakening Earth

Becoming Green

Begley's Best

Catalog Choice

Consume this Movie!

Conversation Cafes

Ethical Markets

Global Sufficiency Network

Green America

Happiness Initiative

Janet Luhr’s Simple Living

Living a Simple Life with Stress Relief

New American Dream

New Road Map Foundation

Northwest Earth Institute 

Not So Big Life

Phinney Ecovillage

Share Save Spend

Shareable Magazine

Sierra Club Sustainable Consumption Committee

Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska

Simplicity Forum

Simplicity Matters Earth Institute

Simply Living

Stopping Overshopping

The Story of Stuff

Thrifty and Green

Tiny Green Bubble

Take Back Your Time

Work to Live


Your Money or Your Life



Reflections on a Post-Consumer Society

Everyday Simplicity

Daily Dose of Simplicity

Frugal for Life

Silent in the Morning

Neat Living

My Simpler Life

The Good Human

Speaking of Simplicity

Cecile Andrews: Slow Is Beautiful

Sherry Boas: Simply Living


Inching Toward Simplicity

Organize. Simplify. Transform.

Simpler Living

Derek Hambrick's Blog