Spring cleaning seems so long ago, right? You purged a lot of stuff, gave away to charity, were able to recycle or upcycle some of it, but it’s possible there’re a few things lingering – a shirt here, a knick-knack there – or maybe the busy summer caught up with you. Even vacations have a way of building mountains of stuff when you’re not looking. But fear not! Here are three questions you can ask about stuff you can purge before the cold winter hits.


Is It Useful?

This seems like a moot question to ask, but it’s probably the most important one. For example, if you have a closet getting out of control, and there are pieces of clothing you’d like to purge, think about whether it has a use: is this blouse able to be matched with other clothes for work? Do I exercise enough to keep this t-shirt?


Can I Give It Away to Charity or as a Gift?

Giving doesn’t just apply to clothes, it’s also useful for household items like kitchen utensils or even larger items like bookshelves that you can give away to a local charity. A lot of charities will even pick them up from your house for free. When it comes to knick-knacks, you can definitely upcycle them as gifts for any occasion. A great idea is to have a house party and use the little knick-knacks as gifts for all your friends who come over.


When Did I Last Use It?

Now this may vary depending on the item, so it’s your discretion (like with the kitchen utensils). I usually make about a 12-month sort of “test” to see if I use that item on a regular basis. If not, it’s given away to a local shelter or other charity. For clothes, I know for me, if I haven’t worn it in the past 6 months, there’s a good likelihood it won’t get worn, so it gets sent off to charity.



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