We’re all part of the Internet – through social media, instant messaging, and email, we’ve connected with each other, with old friends and new. In fact, I’ve reconnected with some old elementary school friends on Facebook, which has been a nice little nostalgia trip. I’ve even heard about kids becoming email pen pals with someone across the globe, and talking to them on Skype every once in a while. But what happened to writing to your friends or family – literally? I’m not just talking about sending a card – we’ve all done that, and it’s nice to get them when you’re not expecting them. But I mean sitting down with a pen in your hand and writing down everything that’s been going on in your life, taking time to think about the other person you’re sending to.


What’s great about it is you can take your time catching up, going through a lot that’s been percolating in your life. You can contemplate all the positive things that have been happening in your life and carry that positivity to someone you love. It’s a cool way to take stock of what’s good that’s going on with you. And you don’t have to worry about leaving your computer on and accidentally erasing a long email that you’ve been working on.


You also can imbue some personality in your letter with your own unique handwriting (and sometimes doodles). It feels more like you’re actually talking to someone you love rather than typing up a long email in lifeless font. It really feels like you’re the one telling the stories and not just shooting off an email simply because you feel obligated to respond. It’s also a great way to pick out some environmentally-friendly, funky stationery and surprise someone you love with a letter that’s just for them.



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