Satisfaction Tips: Unique Ideas for Men and Women

Sometimes, we find satisfaction in life by finding time and doing things that we wouldn’t necessarily think would be up our alleys: public speaking, or sky diving, or even joining a sports team can feel like scary things at first, but can be as satisfying as joining a book club or going to the park. For me, karaoke used to be a scary thing I thought I’d never do, but now I love to go (and try to) sing with my friends. It’s all about finding something unique that will get you out of your rut.


Men: Take An Improv Class!

Need a little more humor in your life? Try taking a class in improvisation! If you’re one of those funny guys, taking an improv class will help you sharpen your wit, keep you on your toes, and even maybe make some new friends. Many local theater troupes offer improv classes one night a week, and if you’re good enough, you might even end up on stage being funny with the pros! If you’re a creative type, improv is terrific for building characters and thinking of different situations.

Women: Pole Dancing!

I know, I know, sounds naughty, but more gyms are offering pole dancing classes that result in great workouts. My best friend lives in Singapore and just recently started taking pole dancing classes, and she told me that she hasn’t felt as strong in a really long time. “It’s better than lifting weights,” she said, “because I’m using my own body weight to tone my muscles. And the best part is that the class is all women, so we bond together and have a lot of fun!”


If you’re interested in going into a little bit of a different route to get satisfaction, maybe it’s time to think outside the box! Doing something that’s a little more daring will help get you out of the house and give you some unique memories – all while learning something new about yourself.


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