Why make fun of American consumerism when the U.S. needs to focus on preventing more pandemics? Why click on a funny video for a minute when America is trying to advance social justice? A consumerism video is actually very relevant to these huge issues we face, and we could all use a chuckle break.

Postconsumers.com is promoting one question for America to consider, no matter what the responses are: “Do I have enough stuff for now?” No one will referee the answers, no one will judge the replies, no one will mediate the reactions. Some people expound on yes, other people expound on no, some people expound on maybe, and other people say utterly, truly surprising things.

Our question is a great way to get thinking about the importance of addressing climate change. The clean energy factor is vital of course, but so is the consumerism factor if we are going to stop the projections. Does global warming affect pandemics? The science is settled that changing weather systems make disease outbreaks more probable. The climate-driven migrations of animals, people, and pathogens mean that they interact with each other in hazardous new ways.

Our short open-ended question is also a great way to get thinking about the importance of addressing racism and social justice. The consumerism factor is key here as well. Is having enough stuff a privilege? Yes absolutely, and it’s a privilege that is in increasingly short supply. Consumerism feeds the machine that perpetuates and widens the vast wealth gap in the U.S.

It is also vital to know that Postconsumers will never tell anyone how much is enough or suggest to anyone that they already have enough stuff. This includes those with two mansions, although we may have to draw the line at three haha. The point is that there is no line to draw, there is no measurement to make, there is no judgment to anticipate. Each person decides for themselves. Maybe you’ll want to find your idea of enough for this moment, maybe you won’t. We’re just planting the trend, which embraces upsize desire as much as downsize desire.

But now we are here for a chuckle break to make fun of American consumerism! In capturing this one-minute video surprise we’ve really gone and done it. “Gone” means we’ve gone to Miami for a few days to film street interviews. “Done it” means we’ve taken nobody’s favorite topic (America’s addictive consumerism) and made it super fun. Or rather, a cool girl made it super fun with her quick, unfiltered, yet clearly heartfelt answer to our big question for this country: “Do I have #EnoughStuff for now?”

You’ll never guess what she says in a million years and we still can’t believe it either. We always say that we don’t give a darn, a hoot or even a fig what people’s responses are to our question, so now we’ve gone and proved it.

Please spread our wide open question for America! Plus don’t forget to ask yourself too “Do I have enough stuff for now?” and engage with our Facebook platform while following along.