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#EnoughStuff Episode 8: All Motivations Are Revealed

The provocative one-minute video for this episode features Rich, a West Virginia motivational celebrity. But for hundreds of years (ok for two years) people have been curious about OUR motivations. Why is asking the American public to weigh in on #EnoughStuff for now? And why oh why do we always want people to spread our open-ended question about it? Are we storage experts? Are we financial advisors? Are we Hollywood talent [...]

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Our Gift of $1,000 Can Be Yours!

Every day is a gift for sure but we want to give you another, the gift of $1,000! Watch this one-minute video to find out how to get interviewed in the hopes that you can go viral. No matter the answers, our question for mainstream America to ask is “Do I have #EnoughStuff for now?” And in case you’re super worried that this announcement video will go wildly viral before your interview answer [...]

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#EnoughStuff Episode 7: Quick and Unfiltered in Miami

Well, now we’ve really gone and done it. “Gone” means we’ve gone to Miami for a few days to film street interviews. “Done it” means we’ve taken nobody’s favorite topic (America’s addictive consumerism) and made it a riot. Or rather, Sophia made it a riot with her quick, unfiltered, yet clearly heartfelt answer to our big question for this country: “Do I have #EnoughStuff for now?” Let’s break through the refereeing and [...]

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#EnoughStuff Episode 6: True to our Mainstream Approach, We Are Keeping It Real.

We're back and just in time for tax season. Our new episode features an accountant named TJ, who reacts to our one and only question for America no matter what the answers: “Do I have #EnoughStuff for now?” He definitely wants to help one hundred people get out of debt. And keeping it real also means he’s forthright about what he wants to buy! Not only that, TJ’s family underwent a tragedy in [...]

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#EnoughStuff Episode 5: Happy 2019!! We’re back with that one simple question we won’t stop asking America: “Do I have enough stuff for now?” Well, we don’t ask it. We ask people to ask it of themselves, because ultimately, it’s a question only you can answer! We get all sorts of opposite answers from people, and we love them all. Simply asking the question, do I have #EnoughStuff, is insightful to start the conversation. When Anna [...]

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#EnoughStuff Episode 4: How Can I Never Not Have Enough Stuff? Maybe you’re thinking that we’re plumb loco because we adore all answers to our famous question, no matter what they are. On our previous #EnoughStuff episode, Ange told us how she’s done with accumulating material possessions and instead prefers focus on the people and experiences that truly bring her joy. This month, Matt interviews Alan, who believes the opposite! “I believe you can always have more stuff,” he says. Alan is [...]

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#EnoughStuff Episode 3: Ange & What’s Important To Her What’s really important in life? Is it friends and family? Is it health and happiness? Or is it how much stuff and material possessions you own? And the answer is different for everyone! For our latest #EnoughStuff episode, Matt talks with Ange, who shares how her belief in what’s important has changed over the years. At 71, she’s no longer concerned about accumulating “all this stuff I should have to show [...]

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#EnoughStuff Episode 2: Scott & His Phone We have a street interview host! His name is Matt and he has a passion for getting people to ask themselves our one and only question for America, "Do I have #EnoughStuff for now?" In this week's video, we get an extended look at Matt's conversation with Scott, who has found that his phone has allowed him to declutter to a certain extent. If you have the opportunity to do so [...]

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#EnoughStuff Episode 1: Angelo, Ryan & Kelauni   We hit the streets in Pittsburgh to ask neighbors to ask themselves one question: "Do I have #EnoughStuff for now?" We met up with Angelo, Ryan, and Kelauni. Their answers were all unique, and at the end of the day, we don't give a hoot, a darn, or even a fig about what their answers were, as long as they asked themselves our question, if only one time! Follow along [...]

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Serenity or Scarcity? The Potential Stress of Simplicity.

We hear a lot about the virtues and values of simple, less, and minimal. While living in a tiny house or liquidating most possessions in order to go cross-country backpacking may be exciting for some, these scenarios don’t work for most Americans. In fact, paring down is nearly impossible for mainstream consideration, let alone maintaining the stringent requirements sometimes associated with specific movements. As it turns out, having less doesn’t automatically yield more [...]

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