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Given the climate crisis, science shows that vital clean energy technology by itself won’t produce a sustainable human future without moving beyond society’s addictive consumerism. We have a mainstream, upscale-friendly approach to this issue: Anyone can be a postconsumer by finding their own idea of #EnoughStuff for now.

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Broadcast your own idea of enough stuff for now, whether it’s a lot, a little, or in between. Tag your images on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #EnoughStuff. For bigger outreach, let’s ask ourselves “Do I have #EnoughStuff for now?” no matter what the answers are! Let’s spread this open-ended question in America!

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Consumer Comedy: “Cause I’m Never Satisfied”

In case you missed this part of the Super Bowl halftime show that included our rap duel, here it is! “Cause I’m Never Satisfied” features real-life celebrity rapper Colicchie, whose first breakthrough video went viral in 2017 and reached millions. It also features our intrepid host Matt Thornton, best [...]

Consumer Comedy: Just in Time for Thanksgiving Season

What can you do with 65 seconds? You can clip nine toenails. Or you can sort a thousandth of today’s messages. Or you can snicker and share a fresh approach to American consumerism with our short new Consumer Comedy videos. Nothing even slightly preachy here. No consumer guidelines to [...]

#EnoughStuff Episode 8: All Motivations Are Revealed

The provocative one-minute video for this episode features Rich, a West Virginia motivational celebrity. But for hundreds of years (ok for two years) people have been curious about OUR motivations. Why is asking the American public to weigh in on #EnoughStuff for now? And why oh why [...]

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Laugh Your Way to Enough

“Being a postconsumer doesn’t mean buying ‘less’ as a consumer, but rather celebrating ‘enough’ as a postconsumer at whatever level is personally satisfying. It’s a whole new mindset.”

Betsy Burcham
“To be a postconsumer is to evolve beyond the inevitable disappointments of consumerism, with its hyped-up treadmill of buy after buy, to the satisfaction of enough.”

Dr. April Lane Benson
“For me, being a postconsumer means finding a balance between not feeling like letting go of ‘stuff’ is a punishment but also not letting ‘stuff’ own me. It’s a way to learn to live with enough, while not beating myself up for wanting fun new party shoes!”

Jocelyn Saurini

“Let’s be postconsumers all / The world is changing as we speak / Growth best be in mind and art / Consuming is well past its peak.”

Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose

“Being a postconsumer means being aware of the system working to separate us from our money and keep us in a perpetual state of debt and dissatisfaction. It means making sober decisions and finding happiness on our own terms, instead of the terms of advertisers.”

Meghan Von Holstein-Rathlou
“I am a postconsumer because I would choose nearly the same lifestyle and the same activities if I had more money available.”

Alexa Mater
“Being a postconsumer means finding contentment through experiences, not through purchases.”

John Francis

“Being a postconsumer means not working so much for things that are not needed. It also means teaching my child that things are not important, our relationships and experiences are.”

Ericka Baumgartner

“Being able to truly be satisfied with the quality of my life rather than the quantity of things or activities I pay for.”

Damon Powell
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