A Brief Rationale for Americans Becoming Postconsumers

Now that the U.S. is supposedly leaving the Paris Climate Agreement, it’s important to realize that global clean energy technology by itself even everywhere won’t produce a sustainable human future. MIT’s 2017 research study called “Technological Progress Alone Won’t Stem Resource Use” found that “no matter how much more efficient – consumers will only demand more – people haven’t said ‘that’s enough.*

There are several well-known frames for tackling society’s addictive consumerism that are beloved by many, but nevertheless minimalists, anticonsumers, and simple livers aren’t generally taken seriously in the U.S. mainstream. Most Americans want more than the minimum, are not against consumption, and feel that life isn’t simple.

Postconsumers.com is a frame that is also designed to help transform the paradigm (rather than just modify it) but it includes the “upscale-friendly” universal aspect that is otherwise missing. Whether people are able to choose buying a lot or a little, anyone can be a postconsumer by finding their own idea of enough for today.

Using humor and irony, Postconsumers.com is building a U.S. brand without profit to help society move beyond addictive consumerism and toward the satisfaction of enough.

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Far Reaching Impact

This 15-sec TV ad has been channeled to over a million and a half households in the greater Washington DC area on daytime CNN and Fox News.