Okay, okay, that could be considered a cheesy title for an article, except that we didn’t write it. We just realized we have been so busy giving you Postconsumers information on this blog that we’ve never taken the time to quickly post some of the reactions that have come in from people taking our 30-minute web course. The short course is produced in cooperation with UCLA and customized to each private user. Here are real quotes from real people who have given their real names:

“I liked this web course a lot! I’m especially interested in continuing to learn how to help my children understand the awful marketing that filters even into a home that doesn’t turn on the tv.” -Molly Dykstra

“The Get Satisfied Interactive Handbook is clear and simple to work with. I enjoyed answering the questions and spending this time to think about my consumption.” -Lyla Patel

“I thought it was interesting and enjoyable. One thing that really stuck out was the suggestion of waiting before making a purchase–and that I might be surprised to find the urgency to buy no longer existed. GOOD STUFF! Thanks!” -James MacKenzie

“The fact that this short course is customized was great – it meant that I didn’t have to wade through a whole lot of ideas/information irrelevant to me.” -Cathleen Mary Timbs

“I love the Get Satisfied Interactive Handbook and the fact that it is all available online whenever I want to log in.” -Karen Aubry

“I think this is an excellent tool to help people become more aware of what they consume and how to find satisfaction. However, I am a quick reader and it was sometimes annoying to wait until the speaker was through reading the passage to see the next part of the passage (unless clicking forward arrow). Overall, I think it was great!” -Amy Bradford

“Thanks for the very needed Postconsumer information – I wish you the best in spreading and developing the initiative. Keep growing and promoting these constructive ideas.” -Laura Vidal