If there’s one topic that people have an intense interest in as soon as the winter holiday seasons roll around, it’s food. Food, food and more food. Postconsumers has an obsession with food, too. And over the years we’ve created and compiled lots of information about food – and specifically holiday food – that we think will be useful to you to be able to access all in one place. Rather than try to rewrite or respin food advice that we think is already something you’ll find useful, we’ve curated everything into one useful online “hub” for you. So, let’s talk food! It’s one of our favorite topics, and it’s something that can help you out a great deal at this time of year.

Carbon Footprint of Holiday MealsStaff Pick Food Article: The Carbon Footprint of Your Holiday Goose (Or Turkey as it May Be)

We think that a great place to start out with thinking about holiday food is to get a quick understanding of the carbon footprint involved in food, where it comes from and how traditional holiday diets can add up the emissions quickly. We’re not saying that you should change your holiday eating traditions based on this information at all. But we are saying that it’s important that people understand how and why there’s so much of a carbon footprint associated with a day of turkey eating (or two days, or three days!). You might also be surprised how refined the math is that created and factored this number.

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Tips for Managing Food WasteThe Biggest Holiday Food Issue: Food Waste

We bring it up every year, and every year even we ourselves are somewhat guilty of being liberal about how we treat food waste at this time of year. We should be better at taking our own advice, we know! But everybody is a work in process. The hard facts of the matter though are that every year the average American wastes about 25% of their food. As you can imagine, this number only climbs upward during the holidays when people tend to make extra food, serve extra food and even eat extra food. There’s a mental association between holidays and food, and unfortunately that mental association doesn’t always translate to not wasting it.  Not to worry, we have advice!

See our number one tip on how to avoid wasting food.

Quick Tips for Managing Food Waste at Thanksgiving

Eco Food TipsThe Quickest Way to Become an Expert on Eco Food

If you scour the internet, you’ll find pages and pages of websites, papers and long articles that teach you about how to be more eco-friendly or green with food. But let’s be honest, the chances that you’re going to read 1500 words on how to be more planet-conscious with your food are pretty slim. We know we wouldn’t, and it’s a topic we’re passionate about. That’s why we put together our quick, image-heavy Thirty Tips to Being Eco-Friendly with Food. You can flip through it using the arrows at the bottom in under fifteen minutes and have a set of quick and easy-to-adopt ways to improve your green score with food. And because there are thirty of them, you don’t need to get overwhelmed with too many. Just pick three or five that you know you can change about your habits right away. It’s actually one of our favorite pieces of content, and we think you’ll find it extremely useful.

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Romantic Eco-Meal TipsIt May Not Be Valentine’s Day, But…

Sometimes we give tips for one time of year that later on we think would have been useful all year long. Last year, we wrote an article on how to make an eco-friendly and romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. When we went back and looked at it again, we realized that a lot of the advice in it would be just as good for the holiday season (or really for any time of year at all). So we’re listing it here. The advice is pretty specific to the types of meals you make when you’re planning a lushly romantic night, but that happens a lot during the holidays as well. And even if you’re not planning a romantic meal, there are easy guidelines to follow in here that can be expanded to a full family meal.

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