We like lists. We’ve liked lists since long before Buzzfeed existed. You may have noticed that many of our articles are in list format, and much like we enjoy revisiting our favorite articles of the year at the end of each year, we also enjoy revisiting our favorite lists of the year. You can find our favorite lists from 2015 here and from 2014 here. So what did we find utterly list-worthy in 2016? Here’s a … list!

25 Ways to Save the Ocean (Or At Least Stem the Tide)

Best Lists of the Year: 25 Ways to Save the Ocean

We admit that the pun in the title of this list is, well, a bit awful! But we promise you that the list itself is not. We brainstormed for months to create what we believe is one of the most comprehensive (and easy to read) lists of everyday, non-challenging choices that you can make to help preserve the world’s oceans. It’s never too late to begin to repair the damage to our planet. What’s on the list? See the list here >>

This Year’s Eco-Travel Top Picks: Snow Destinations

Best Lists of the Year: Snowy Eco-Travel Trips

Every summer, we let our wanderlust go and put together a list of our favorite fantasy eco-travel destinations for the year. This summer we took a twist on things and focused on snow-bound options rather than the more typical tropical destinations. We have to say, this list has us wishing and wanting to purchase some expensive plane tickets. See the list >>

25 Summer Projects to Help Save the Planet

Best Lists of the Year: Summer Eco-Friendly Projects

Summer can be relaxing and productive, we promise. We created this list for adults and kids alike for projects that range from easy, fun and small to big, season-long commitments. Whatever level of summer project you may be thinking of taking on, the options on this list all have the added benefit of helping to save the planet from environmental destruction. See the list >>

The Postconsumers Summer Reading Lists

Best Lists of the Year: Reading Lists

We didn’t just create one summer reading list for you! We created three so that you’re sure to find one that appeals to you no matter what your focus in the arena of postconsumerism is. And just because they’re called “summer” reading lists, it doesn’t mean that you have to be limited to summer. Read them any time!

10 Things In Your House That Could Easily Be More Eco-Friendly

Best Lists of the Year: Eco-Friendly Home Tips

As usual, we devoted much of April this year to focusing on eco-friendly topics related to Earth Day. We compiled this list of things in your house that, with small changes, could make big eco-friendly differences. Which of the items on this list can you easily implement? You’ll need to read the list to find out! Read more >>

Five Cities Headed to Zero Waste

Best Lists of the Year: Zero Waste Cities

We’re happy to say that more and more urban centers are implementing programs to bring them closer to a zero waste number, but these five truly stand out as exceptional. Which cities are making great progress toward zero waste existence? See the list >>

Seven Easy Ways to be Green in High School

Best Lists of the Year: Being Green in High School

It’s never too early to start living green! We talked to high schoolers and did some extra research and helped to create this list of ways to begin being more eco-friendly while you’re still in school. We think it’s a recommended read for parents and kids alike. See the list >>

10 Reasons to Avoid Black Friday

Best Lists of the Year: Avoiding Black Friday

As if you needed to read them! But if you’re working to convert others to abandon the malls on Black Friday and seek healthier alternatives, we created this list of ten excellent reasons to do just that. Read the list >>

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