Especially as we become even bigger lovers of Instagram, we create tons of (what we think are) fun visuals and memes throughout the year here at Postconsumers. In fact, we might even go as far as to say that we think many of them are inspirational! Not unlike our articles and lists, at the end of the year we enjoy revisiting our favorite memes and images. You can find our favorites from 2015 here and from 2014 here. But you don’t want to read any more. You want to see pictures! And so here are our favorites.

January: Inspiration, Or Reality!

Memes of the Year: New Years Inspiration

We always pick a set of inspirational and goal-related quotes to focus on in January. This year, however, our favorite was a Mark Twain quote that was more realistic than inspirational. We admit it, we pave that road!

February: Be Your Own Brand

Memes of the Year: Be Yourself

We re-visited our Be Your Own Brand initiative this February in a quest to teach you love – self-love. We adored this Etta Turner quote that reminds us that we don’t have to be what brands and marketers tell us that we have to be.

March: Better Than Stuff

Memes of the Year: Irish Toast

We love the cheeky wisdom of Irish sayings and quotes, and we particularly adored this one that reminds us that the things that truly make us happy having nothing to do with “stuff.’

April: David Suzuki Is Our Hero

Memes of the Year: David Suzuki

We featured an entire curation of David Suzuki quotes in April to celebrate Earth Day. While they’re all inspirational to browse, this one stands out to us. Letting go of addictive consumerism and its impact on the environment requires change, and change is challenging.

May: Bring in Spring

Memes of the Year: Be Dirty in the Spring

Of course our focus in May was on spring and nature quotes. This Margaret Atwood quote is a spring classic, but that doesn’t stop it from being on our best-of list. Classics are always amazing.

June: Vacation Time!

Memes of the Year: Take Vacation

We celebrate vacation in June, but this amazing quote reminds us that there are many, many other times to consider the value of a vacation.

July: Ocean Awareness Month

Memes of the Year: Save the Oceans

The topic for July was ocean conservation, and that extended to our memes and quotes. We loved them all, but this one reminded us of exactly what is at stake if we don’t preserve our oceans.

August: Sci Fi Month

Memes of the Year: Jean Luc Picard

August was dedicated to all things science fiction and technology (though the line can be blurry these days). We curated an entire collection of sci-fi quotes, but who doesn’t make Jean Luc Picard their favorite one?

September: Marketing Awareness Month

Memes of the Year: Big Budget Ads

In September we created articles to help make you aware of marketing tactics and shared our favorite quotes about the predatory nature of marketing. This one, we think, sums it up perfectly.

October: Relax!

Memes of the Year: Relax

End of year stress truly sets in starting in October, so we tried to negate it for you. Was this quote helpful in doing that?

November: Quiet Meditation

Memes of the Year: Quiet Meditation on Black Friday

We redid our Better Than Black Friday memes this year, and while we loved them all, this inspiration to get outside and take a walk took our top prize.

Did we miss a meme that we created and you loved this year? Tell us about it on the social media channels below.

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