Ah, spring. While it may not be officially quite here yet, people are already starting to rejoice as it approaches. This is especially true if you are a member of the East Coast Postconsumers team. We mean it! We’ve had enough of winter (despite the fact that many studies are pointing out the risks of a climate change-induced earlier spring). But it got us to thinking about why spring has always been such an iconic time for the environmentally minded. Today, we’re penning a few of our thoughts (okay, we’re really keystroking them) on the topic.


Spring is the Time When We Are Collectively Most Aware of Nature

Some might argue that the full bloom of summer is the time when we are most aware of the power of nature, but we’d argue that there are often times in the glorious summer when you take the magnificence of nature for granted, distracted by beautiful weather and increased relaxation time. In the spring, most of the world is coming off of a time of greyness, indoor recreation and oftentimes a touch of seasonal affective disorder. For some, you don’t even really see nature during the winter. It’s buried under grey slush and dirt and mud (the awful winter kind of mud, not the rich, delicious spring and summer mud). When spring hits and you see the tree blooms begin to appear again, you are once again reminded of the powerful beauty of nature and how much you missed it. If you are an environmentalist, this often inspires you to up your passion and your work to preserve this beauty.


Spring is When We Nurture Nature

From the sprawling acres of a farm to a backyard garden to window plants or an indoor urban garden, spring is when we nurture the acts of nature around us. It’s when, by necessity even if we want to eat as humankind, we cultivate the land and plant seeds for both sustenance and beauty. It’s the spring when tending these seeds is the most important. For those who don’t actively garden in any way, this may not be a meaningful time. But you may be surprised how many people in some way do some kind of spring planting. It may even be as simple as just buying some flowers for a vase to help kick the mental doldrums of lingering winter. This need to get our hands dirty and to think practically about what nature gives us (or denies us) again is inspirational to the environmentally inclined. After all, it speaks to a bigger picture. If we want Earth and nature to give to us the life-sustaining gifts that it does, then we must nurture it. And that nurturing needs to happen not only in the spring but all throughout the years. However, it is most likely that we are mentally reminded of this need during the natural time of year when the nurturing is most important.


Spring is About Renewal. And We KNOW We Need Renewal.

Spring has always historically been a season when people feel a sense of renewal. As winter, the dead season, begins to turn, all things are renewed. However, in the current era, the awareness of just how much the environment as a whole is itself dying and in need of renewal is heightened. When spring hits, and the sense of growth begins, it is a reminder of the very important long-game goals we need to address to renew our natural resources and our planet as a whole. The overarching symbolism of renewal has become a bit of a battle cry for environmentalists and the actual infusion of passion for this cause caused by the coming of spring helps to put everybody back on track not just for annual renewal but for environmental renewal in its entirety.


Spring Brings Energy

Finally, for many people, the switch to the spring season brings a much needed boost of energy and vitality. For those who live in four seasons climates, the hibernation impact of the winter months is very much actually felt. Energy becomes lower and activity dwindles in general. The accessibility of the internet in the current era has made this even worse! For those who want to fight for a passion cause such as the environment, the energy needed for the daily grind of that battle certainly, certainly fades during the winter month. But as the days get brighter, the Vitamin D rushes to our system and grey transitions to colors, most people experience an energy surge that reinvigorates them for their battles. Sometimes, the most inspirational thing about a season can simply be that it makes you feel physically better!


Poets and writers have written about the magical impact of spring for centuries, and with good reason. While spring is about beauty and enthusiasm and nature all on its own, these elements that define the season hold a special meaning to even the least active environmentalists out there. We wish we could all hold the passion and optimism of spring in our hearts all year long so that it would fuel our fire to fight for the rights of the Earth, but we’ll find the satisfaction of enough in knowing that spring serves a very important role in rejuvenating the hearts and minds of those who battle for our planet.


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Photo Credit: Michael Levine-Clark via Flickr