“Do I have enough stuff for now?” It might sound plumb loco but we adore all answers to our big question for America, no matter what they are! On our previous #EnoughStuff video, Ange told us that she’s done accumulating material possessions for now and instead prefers to focus on the people and experiences that truly bring her joy. This month, Matt interviewed Alan, who is absolutely convinced of the opposite. We love it! “I believe you can always have more stuff,” he says in this fun-packed, one-minute video.

So what on earth is the Postconsumers team all about? Four soundbites are easy to say in a nutshell: The climate is getting crazy. Clean energy is the top but not only fix. Greenish consumerism is a reddish herring. We need a playful, upscale, viral way to ask America about self-defined enoughness.

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