One of the keys to finding the satisfaction of enough is to find activities that leave you feeling, well, satisfied. Postconsumers isn’t the end all resource for suggestions, but sometimes we like to explore some of the ideas that our users and members have sent in for ways to find your daily satisfaction. This week, we’re taking a look at one for the ladies … belly dancing!
In the past five years, belly dancing has become a fitness rage across North America. We’ve talked to women about why they find this activity so fulfilling, and it boils down to four key things.
It really is a great workout! Working out, for women, can sometimes be more challenging than for men. Not every woman loves being on display in a gym or cranking weights (though some do, and we say “roar!”). Belly dancing is not only a great workout for cardio, but it works the abdominals, which is a problem area for a lot of women. Physical activity is an important part of improving your overall quality of life, and belly dancing is, simply put, a great workout.
It allows you to be sexy! Not every woman gets a chance to celebrate her sexy side in her daily life, but an hour of belly dancing every week gives you an excuse to release that inner tiger. Being a woman means having lots of complicated layers, and having an outlet to get in touch with your sensual and sexy side in a safe environment is a good thing.
You’ll meet interesting women! Especially as we get older, the opportunities to meet other adventurous, interesting women that we can interact with (outside of the virtual message board world!) become harder. Many of the women we talked to said that so much of the satisfaction they found in adding belly dancing to their life was the ability to meet and interact with new women friends. Get offline, and get into a belly dancing class.
It’s fun! And probably most importantly, it’s just an hour of your week where you’re allowed to have unencumbered fun. What’s the first step to finding satisfaction? Allow yourself to have some fun!
Chances are that if you check your local fitness center or do a basic web search, you’ll find belly dancing classes being offered near you. If not, though we hate to tell you to buy anything, a purchase of a single belly dancing dvd and an hour a week that you dedicate to yourself and having fun learning to belly dance can really make you feel better for all of the other hours of the week!