One of the keys to finding the satisfaction of enough is to find activities that leave you feeling, well, satisfied. Postconsumers isn’t the end all resource for suggestions, but sometimes we like to explore some of the ideas that our users and members have sent in for ways to find your daily satisfaction. This week, we’re taking a look at … physical exercise!
You may be saying, “Well, that’s a very broad category. Physical exercise could mean anything.” You’re right, and that’s one of the benefits of looking for satisfaction by adding a physical exercise component to your life. There’s a range of physical activity that could appeal to anybody! If you like to do things in extremes, there’s a gym workout that can take up two hours of your day somewhere that’s perfect for you. If you’re a more casual person, an evening walk can improve your life immediately. You’re very social by nature? Join a recreational sports league. You spend all day with people and need to find some time inside of your own head to calm down? Consider the quiet physical activity of swimming.
The benefits of incorporating physical exercise into your life aren’t just about improving your health (though that’s certainly not to be overlooked). Firstly, in our quest to simplify, what we’re all looking for is peace of mind. It’s a well-documented fact that exercise helps to center and calm the mind. Secondly, every moment that you are exercising is a moment that you’re not participating in either allowing media to attempt to shape your views on consumerism and life values or out fighting the masses at Wal-Mart! It’s, quite simply, time better spent on the road to satisfaction. It’s also likely that you’ll find a form of physical exercise that you can be passionate about and that brings you satisfaction just from the activity of it. Even if you’ve hated physical exercise in the past, we’re pretty sure that if you just experiment with various forms, you’ll find a physical exercise that you love. It may be dancing, strolling, playing squash or even distance running.
The key to a satisfied life is a well-balanced life. Any well-balanced life has time when you’re off the couch or away from the desk and giving your body what it craves, activity. And no, don’t tell us that what your body craves is the couch (unless your life is full of physical exertion)! That’s just not true, and it’s why active people always seem to be so much more content in life! That’s not just coincidence, it’s science. Physical exercise releases endorphins and other chemicals that make us feel happy and satisfied!