It’s always a pain in the rear to get kids to do chores around the house, especially during the lazy summer months. If you’re transitioning to a greener household, bringing your kids along for the ride will help make it a group effort. Kids can get involved with all kinds of eco-friendly chores.


Start a compost bucket

After the kids help you cook dinner, they can use some of the peels and other food items to throw in the bucket for compost. If they’ve been tasked with cutting the grass or cleaning up tree leaves, they can throw those in the bucket, too. And, if they’re not too squeamish, you can shop for worms to help create the compost with them. (And learn a little bit about nature, too!)


Sort out recycling

This can be done as the week goes by or one day out of the week. Have your kids separate paper, plastic, and aluminum into their respective bins. They can even add more fun by stomping on the cans to flatten them.


Water plants with leftover water from washing dishes

If your household hand washes dishes, instead of letting the water run or draining it after washing dishes, have the kids use the leftovers to water house plants or garden. Teach them ways they can save water.


Cleaning with natural and reusable products

Instead of wiping down counters with a paper towel, have them use a cloth towel (or even one of their old T-shirts). Next time you’re at the store with the kids, pick up natural sponges and washable mops for your floor.


Have them hang laundry with you

The summer is the perfect time to hang your clothes out to dry in the sun. Have your kids help – not only is it great bonding time, it’ll get done faster with more people!


Don’t just let your kids lounge around this summer – get them going, get them productive! Helping them to be involved in a greener house while they’re young will get them having greener habits when they get older.


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