When I was a kid, my library was one of my favorite places to visit, read books, do some research, and get involved with some cool crafty projects. When I was in high school, the library was the place I’d go to get the latest novels and just blaze through books I hadn’t read before. I don’t visit as much as I used to, but the library near my house is a hub of great community events happening every month.

Not Just For Books
Along with being able to borrow books and CDs, libraries are great places to watch movies. The library near my house has a monthly movie series where they show classic movies on a projection screen for free. They also have a monthly book club that comes in and discusses recent books. They also have a theater that sometimes features famous authors speaking about their books – a super way to find new reading material!

Be A Part Of Story Time
One of my good friends started volunteering reading to kids a few years ago, and she absolutely loves it. She gets to see the faces of kids while she reads them stories, and the kids get to interact a little bit.  The kids ask her questions, and she gets to be imaginative with her storytelling. She adores it!

A Place For Quiet
The library is a wonderful place to just relax and read a book with no distractions. Sometimes, when I’m working on a fiction project, I love the library because it doesn’t have the hustle and bustle of a coffeehouse – and if I need to look something up, I have research material all around me. The quiet helps me concentrate on the task at hand – and when I need to take a break, I can just browse the shelves.


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