I’m one of those people who loves music. I grew up listening to vinyl records (remember those?) in my house when I was a kid, especially on Sundays when it was cleaning day around the house. I also have an older brother (4 years older, in fact) who loved listening to music when we were kids, and he would bring home different cassette tapes that he bought with allowance money. I’ve grown up with all kinds of music around me, but there are still types of music that I have yet to really listen to, like freeform jazz and some country music. But the great thing about music is its diversity, so I’m totally willing to listen to new things, and I learn a little bit about myself. I highly recommend it!


And why not, right? If you listen to music on a regular basis, think about what you listen to. Do you fall into a pattern of the same old stuff? Is it not feeling inspiring to you at all? You don’t have to be technically proficient to know about genres – in fact, it’s sometimes better if you don’t know how the music works, because you can just fall into it and listen for new sounds. I’m all about seeking out new sounds that I haven’t heard before.


I adore going to concerts, so if I’m able to go to a show that’s featuring music I don’t normally listen to, I’m totally game. The best part is watching people play instruments to see how they get the sounds they create and to watch their faces and movements during a performance. (I also play a few instruments myself, so I get to appreciate their technical skills in a whole new way, too!)


What’s also great about branching out on your musical tastes is that you might be able to dig deeper into music you already like. I, for example, have a great appreciation for classical music (I played violin for 6 years), so when I hear certain pieces from Vivaldi or Bartok, they put me in certain moods. But what you might not know is that some contemporary orchestras will put out CDs of classical and modern music on the same album, and it’s almost like getting a whole new genre of beautiful music that I never heard before. I feel like I found a new part of myself, in a way.



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