The spring means warmer weather, which means more opportunities to go outside when the weather is nice. A lot of local parks and recreation organizations will be putting together fun and free (or low-costing) community events that can enrich your life (and help keep your budget on track). There are also local venues that put on free events, too. With a little looking around, you can find something different that can add a little spice to your life and expand your (and your kids’) experiences.

See A Movie

One of the best things to do with your sweetie or your kids is to watch a movie under the stars. Most parks and rec programs have a movie series where families are encouraged to bring blankets and watch a movie with the kids. It’s like a movie picnic! If you’re into the more mature movies, there are many theaters and other venues that show old art house films or run a series of movies based on a certain actor or director.

See A Play Or Musical

Here in Vegas, we actually have a whole bunch of cool plays and musicals that are put on by the local parks department which are low price and make for a great night out. We even have “Shakespeare In The Park,” where a different Shakespeare play is presented every year for free, and you can sit on the grass and watch some of the old bard. Many theater companies will have free preview shows of plays they’re presenting – while it won’t be perfect because they’re working out the kinks, you can still get the experience of a full play.

See A Concert

I love going to concerts, and seeing one in the park or at a library is a lot of fun, because it’s not like a typical, loud show where all these people are milling around trying to get to the front of the stage. You can kick back, relax and enjoy the sounds of a jazz band or orchestra and just take in the music. Here in Vegas, there’s always a free series of concerts that happen during the summer – last year you could see 1980s bands and artists for free downtown every weekend. Make sure you check the paper or websites to see who’s playing in your town!

What are your free/low-cost local activities?  Like us on Facebook and tell us about them!

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