Be warned: This blog entry is just for the adults! Shhh, don’t tell the kids!


We’ve been talking a lot about different kinds of satisfaction tips, but we haven’t touched on the “personal” kind of satisfaction you can only get from either yourself or from a loving sweetie. So yes, we’re going to talk a little about sex in this blog entry. After all, satisfaction comes in many forms! But it’s also important to be aware of your carbon footprint when you’re having a good time. You’d be surprised how many intimate products out there are going green. So this entry is going to be about eco-friendly ideas when you want to be a little naughty!

Sustainable Lingerie: As an alternative to man-made fibers of most lingerie, many companies are now starting to offer lingerie like bras and panties made out of sustainable materials. In fact, some lines use seaweed fibers and wood pulp that keep your footprint low while making you look hot!


Massage Oils and Candles: Who doesn’t like a nice massage to get them all relaxed and in the mood? Many massage oils out there seem to take the idea of “oil” to mean a long list of unpronounceable ingredients that are just chemical in nature. But more and more companies these days are making oils that are pure essential oils that come from sustainable plants. Also keep in mind that there are candles that have wax made of eco-friendly ingredients that melt into warm oil. They smell great and won’t harm the planet at the same time.


Solar-Powered Toys: Most toys are powered by batteries that unfortunately end up in landfills, where the acids can leak into the ground; there are other toys that plug right into an outlet that can contribute to your power bill (even if it doesn’t seem like a big impact, it still contributes!). But there are new toys of all sizes that are powered by little solar panels that will give you the juice you need.


Eco-Friendly Lube: There are times when you’re going to need some good lube, and while more and more companies are making water-based lubes that are getting better at being eco-friendly, they’re still packaged in plastic and made of non-natural ingredients. Now major lube companies are stepping up to the plate and making lubes that are plant-based and are packaged in recyclable materials.


So, now go love yourselves, each other, and love the planet while you’re at it!


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