With the summer starting to wind down, it’s a perfect time to enjoy the nice weather and spend a little more time outdoors. You can start watching the leaves change, feel the air cool down, and enjoy the change of seasons into autumn. For someone like me who lives in the desert southwest, we witness some fantastic sunsets all year round, and being in sunny climes means that we have an unobstructed view of fantastic sunsets at the end of the day. Watching a beautiful sunset, with all its colors and cloud formations can melt away our culture’s hyperconsumer pressures. A good way to de-stress is to take some time and start a photo project of the sunsets you see every day for a month.


A Way to Wind Down

Before the time changes, taking a daily sunset picture is a great way to wind down from your day. We’ve always talked about taking some “you” time during the day so you can re-focus and clean out the clutter from your mind. Having a glass of wine or listening to some music as you’re taking photos to set a mood can help you relax. Watching the sunset is also a good time to practice some mindful meditation and think about your goals, or do some free writing or journaling. If you’re a painter, it’s also a good time to work on your art!

It’s also the beginning of the school year, so if you have kids, involve them in the picture-taking process and start a digital photo album that you can go back to at the end of the month or any time of the year. Take some time to learn about cloud formations, or even about time differences to teach your kids about how time differences work and how the sun is shining on the other side of the world.


A Memory of the Day

Filling your life with better memories is always a solid goal to have in your life, and even if you didn’t have a stellar day, taking a picture of that day’s sunset can bring those days into perspective. Sometimes things feel overwhelming, and taking a picture of a calm sunset is a reminder that a new day will arrive tomorrow. When the project is over, you might come to realize that what felt like a big deal at the time was really just a blip on the radar – and can even turn into something funny the further away you get. You might realize how little the little things really are!

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