Sure, part of finding the satisfaction of enough is learning to let go of consumerism and reduce stress by not being tied to unattainable standards of “more, more, more.” But another part of finding the satisfaction of enough is just about finding ways to reduce stress while not spending money. For many, a massage is a great way to relieve stress but the cost of a professional masseuse or spa visit just isn’t in the cards. Not to worry! Postconsumers has come up with five great ways that you can enjoy a de-stressing massage without spending much if any money or, for the most part, leaving a big carbon footprint.

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit – then Barter!

Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Husband? Wife? Partner? How about just a friend who wants to learn to give better massages so that he or she can woo desirable partners better? Chances are, if you look hard enough, there are plenty of people whom you can barter with to get a massage. What can you trade? Food, skills, household chores, a nice drink, professional advice. The matchup between people who would have a reason to want to trade a massage with the things that you can trade for that massage are probably much longer than you anticipate. Take some time to brainstorm it, then get your barter on!

Visit Your Local Massage School

While it may not be free, most massage schools offer discounts for massages done by students who are still training. You’ll still be paying for a massage – but the line item may be easier to fit into your budget! You’ll also be helping somebody get the practice that they need to embark on a new career path.

Explore Shower Head Options and Home Massagers

While we don’t necessarily advocate consumerism (at all, really!), there are times when a strategically placed single purchase can reduce budget spend and even more purchases down the line. If you’re a massage junkie or just somebody desperately in need of stress relief, consider a massaging shower head or a home massage tool. If you want to be the most eco-friendly that you can be, look for sustainably produced wooden massagers that you can hold in your hand and reach your back with.

Try Yoga or Stretching Instead

Believe it or not, there are other physical activities that can relax you and soothe your muscles just as much as a massage would. Consider yoga or another form of stretching. You’ll loosen tight muscles, improve your overall flexibility and release tension. The important thing to remember though is that, even though you’re doing a physical activity, you want to minimize the amount of noise clutter around you. While any physical activity helps to reduce stress, massages, yoga and stretching are a time to clear the mind as well as work the body. Don’t do your yoga or stretching while the radio, television or other noise clutter is on in the background!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Much like yoga or stretching can be a substitute for a massage, sexual release can, too! If you’re lucky enough to be in a situation where you can substitute an “active” afternoon or evening for a massage, you’ll get all of the tension release plus some passionate cardio workout time!

Relieving tension in today’s stressful society is a key component of finding the satisfaction of enough. But you don’t have to spend a lot (or even anything) to physically relieve stress. Have other ideas about ways to get free or low cost massages or massage substitutes? Comment or like us on Facebook and tell us about it


Photo via Flickr Creative Commons: Jeda Villa Bali