When we’ve talked about greening up your house, we’ve mentioned cleaning, refurbishing, recycling, upcycling, starting a compost, and more, but we haven’t touched on a long-term way to go green while also reducing stress – taking care of a house plant! It looks great in your home, creates a freshness to any room, and is really good at giving you focus while also being low-maintenance. Even having a small house plant in your office can also help you reduce stress while you’re at work.


Studies have shown that having a house plant not only helps to fight off toxins in the air, it also helps reduce blood pressure, fight fatigue, decrease coughing, and offers many other health benefits. They also bring a little pop of color to any room or office while bringing a sense of life (meaning you can boost your creativity anywhere you live and work!)


Similar to starting a small veggie or herb garden, planning ahead is key to a good start of your plant care. Picking out the right kind of soil and making sure you have a place to expose it to light – or even a shady place for those kinds of plants that don’t need prolonged sunlight – are great ways to give your plant a solid start to a healthy life.


September is the best month to start taking care of a house plant. With the fall and winter around the corner, the colder weather can mean a change in your mood that a low-maintenance house plant can help to lift as the seasons change. After all, when the trees are bare and the grass is dormant, having a lively green plant within your home when you’ve had a tough day at work can brighten your day. Also taking care of a plant in your office can help you and your co-workers relax, gives you focus after a tough meeting, and clears toxins out of the air to help boost your creativity and productivity.


If your budget doesn’t call for you to adopt a pet, a house plant is an alternative to help you focus on giving life to a living being and turn your focus away from the day-to-day grind. As numerous studies have shown, positive talk and even singing to your plant can help keep it green and healthy – so making a point of saying nice things about your day or singing one of your favorite songs doesn’t just help your plant, but it helps you too.

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