If you’re eating food, then presumably you need to buy food. And if you’re buying food, then presumably you need to carry it home in something. Chances are that that something is a bag. If what you’re carrying your food home in is a plastic bag, then perhaps it’s time for you to learn some important facts and myths about disposable plastic bags. You can make a huge impact on the planet just by using reusable bags instead of single-use ones. It’s not just about the waste generated as all of those plastic bags make their way back into the environment. It’s also about the pollution created making them. Stand at the checkout in a grocery store this weekend and watch all of the plastic bags that go out into the world (we know at our local grocery story they tend to put about two items in each bag!). Then think about how much would change if even 10% of people switched to reusable bags!



Photo Credit: Adrienne via Flickr