Not all pots and pans are created equally. If it’s time for a cookware upgrade, then here’s the truth: In this case, you really do get what you pay for. Aluminum may be great for storage, but when it comes to pots and pans aluminum takes longer to heat up, which means that you need more time to heat to cook your food and therefore you use more energy. Of course, the best pots and pans for rapid heating and better environmental support are copper. There’s a reason that professional chefs prefer copper pots, and there’s also a reason that they’re so expensive. The other bad news if you want eco-friendly cookware is that you’ll want to avoid non-stick cookware. To create the non-stick coating, manufacturers need to use what’s called a Fluoropolymer that requires the use of Perflourooctanoic acid – a chemical that’s known to stick around and harm the environment. Build arm muscle mass by scrubbing!


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Photo Credit: Sam Cox via Flickr