One of our favorite things to watch at the grocery store is when people take bananas from the produce department and then put them into a plastic bag that will then go inside of another plastic bag. Newsflash – your banana already comes with a protective covering! While we’re (mostly) making a joke here, the reality is that using tons and tons of extra produce bags is both wasteful and unnecessary. You’re (most likely) going to wash your produce when you get home anyway, so the plastic bag isn’t really necessary. In addition to which, many of the types of produce that people individually bag (not just bananas) have exteriors that aren’t going to get eaten anyway. We’re certainly not saying that you should never use or need an individual bag in the produce section (those green beans can be tricky to carry!). What we’re saying is that you should make the bag an “extra” instead of a “default.”



Photo Credit: Max Bisschop via Flickr