There are lots of reasons to reduce how much takeout food you eat in a given week. Unless your idea of takeout food is your local mobile salad bar (and we’re guessing that it’s not), then most takeout food is far less healthy than anything that you would cook at home. On top of that, how most takeout food is prepared and the source of the ingredients isn’t going to win any sustainability awards. But the most environmentally detrimental part of takeout food is the amount of single-use packaging involved with it. Every time that you and millions of others stop for takeout, that’s another container into a landfill somewhere. And if you stop and think about how many takeout meals come packaged in Styrofoam or plastic, well, you have a pretty good idea of the problem. Even eating in a restaurant is more eco-friendly than swinging by for takeout (and eating at home is even better!).



Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow via Flickr