Learning portion control isn’t just about your waistline, it’s also about the “waste” line. We apologize for the bad pun, but there’s nothing funny about the amount of food that Americans waste each year (almost thirty-three million tons). Part of why we waste so much food is that we’ve been conditioned to think that “more is more.” In fact, often times with portions in America, “more is too much.” If you’ve heard the jokes about how big American portions are, then there’s a reason that you’ve heard them. In some cases, particularly when you’re eating out, you may not be able to control how big the portion sizes are. But if you’re at a buffet, or filling up a drink container, or buying food to cook at home, figure out how much is “enough” and buy only that. When more is too much, the planet and your health can take a toll.


Photo Credit: Colleen Proppe via Flickr