At Postconsumers, we have only one goal – and it may not be the goal that you’re expecting us to say. We want you to achieve the satisfaction of enough for today. While we believe that learning to let go of addictive consumerism is an important step on the pathway there, it’s not the only step on the pathway to satisfaction. Occasionally, we like to give suggestions for ways that you can get to that point called the satisfaction of enough. Since we’ve been talking a lot about pets and their eco-friendly value this month, we thought we’d devote an article to how pets can help you achieve the satisfaction of enough.


Pets Love You Unconditionally … For Food!

If you’ve never had a pet before, then you may not know how simple love can really be. Pets will love you unconditionally as long as you feed them. Even if you think of yourself as not a particularly loving person, we’re pretty sure that your pet will see through that. Everybody needs love, and a pet can give you that.


Create Structure in Your Life

You’d be surprised how many people falter because of a lack of structure in their life. A lack of structure can lead to a lack of feeling as though you understand your place in the world, which can in turn lead to emotional shopping and bad budgeting. Animals give you structure in your life. Outdoor dependent animals like dogs ensure that you’re keeping to a walking schedule, but even less maintenance-deep animals keep you on schedule with feeding and play time. Create structure and you’ll find that the overall path to satisfaction can be easier. Pets can help with feeling that you have enough for today.


Create Laughter

We’ve talked before about how one of the most important steps to finding the satisfaction of enough is to make sure that there’s enough laughter in your life. We can promise you one thing – almost any pet will bring you laughter. It may take time and, depending on where you got your pet, some patience. But once your pet’s personality opens up you will experience laughter. Do you know what’s better than a hundred YouTube videos of adorable cats and dogs doing adorable things? Actual live cats and dogs doing those things daily right in front of you!


Improve the World

Finally, if you adopt a pet from a rescue shelter (which is actually the most eco-friendly option for getting a pet), you’re putting good into the world. We don’t need to tell you how many animals come to shelters from dire circumstances and desperately need love and a forever home. Build your satisfaction karma with a good deed.


Did we miss a way that your pet brings joy? Tell us about it.



Photo Credit: Roger via Flickr