We’re back with that one simple question we won’t stop asking America: “Do I have enough stuff for now?” Well, we don’t ask it. We ask people to ask it of themselves, because ultimately, it’s a question only you can answer!

We get all sorts of opposite answers from people, and we love them all. Simply asking the question, do I have #EnoughStuff, is insightful to start the conversation. When Anna asks herself if she has enough stuff, she doesn’t hesitate: “Yes,” she says, “I definitely have enough stuff!” She moved recently, which led her to get rid of some clothes she no longer wore, yet she still finds herself always trying to declutter. What’s interesting is that she recognizes the unique position she is in. She’s mindful of having more than she needs, and she says that she counts herself blessed to be in that position. Not all of us have #EnoughStuff, but by recognizing that she does, and by trying to find her own idea of enough stuff for now, we think Anna is a Postconsumer!

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