We’re back and just in time for tax season. Our new episode features an accountant named TJ, who reacts to our one and only question for America no matter what the answers: “Do I have #EnoughStuff for now?” He definitely wants to help one hundred people get out of debt. And keeping it real also means he’s forthright about what he wants to buy! Not only that, TJ’s family underwent a tragedy in recent months, and he suddenly finds himself a father figure to five nieces and nephews. He wants them to know how much they are loved and valued.

We also want to announce that we’re hitting the road! Our host, Matt, is headed to Miami and Fort Lauderdale in March for filming. If you’re in either of these cities and would like to join Matt for one of our #EnoughStuff testimonials, email getsatisfied@postconsumers.com


Remember, we have one simple question and we want you, America, to ask yourself “Do I have #EnoughStuff for now?” We don’t give a darn, a hoot or even a fig what your answer is. We just want to hear it!!

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