The Thrill Of Thrift Shopping: Reusing Can Be Sexy

Thrift shopping isn’t just for college students, you know! With all these retro trends coming back around, thrift store shopping can be a goldmine for postconsumers (and especially for those of us on a budget). They’re really one-stop adventure shopping for just about everything – as long as you’re patient. And you’ll be helping local charities to boot!


Before you go in, it helps to have an idea of what you’re looking for when you get there. I’m always looking for jeans, so I’m pretty simple: get in, try on a few things, then get out. Sometimes I roll in looking for a nice top for a night out, or retro accessories to go with an outfit. If you have an event that needs certain types of clothes, it doesn’t hurt to take your time to find out what you’re looking for. I know for me, as long as I have a general sense, I’m not stressed out when I walk in.


Be sure to check all parts of the store – shoes, scarves, sweaters, jewelry, jackets – and try to avoid buying items if you’re not certain they go with anything. Just because it’s bright and shiny doesn’t mean it goes with anything, right? And don’t be afraid of tears on clothes! If something fits right and can be mended, go for it. You never know, you may even find some funky cool furniture. Just keep an open mind.


And with summer coming up, don’t be afraid to try on swimsuits! Just make sure you try them on at the store with your underwear on, and when you get home, you can replace the inner lining with fabric from an old t-shirt.


As always, going in with a positive attitude helps! I know walking in that I’ll find something cool if I just stay patient. Keep digging – you’ll end up looking like a thrift store guru!


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