“I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes.” – Henry David Thoreau

For many of us, the month of September marks new beginnings. The crisp air and return of school bells usher in the excitement of seeing old friends, freshening up routines, and anticipating the work ahead.

By experiencing the satisfaction of enough, we’re able to do more with less.

Preparing for change can also be stressful as we attempt to fit in and plan for all the supposed “necessities” of new school and fiscal years. After a restorative summer break with, perhaps, fewer obligations, we are bound to resume packed schedules and ambitious goals. We buy new clothes and supplies. We seek time-saving solutions in order to make it all work, many of which are products and services promising convenience and status. For some, returning to work and resuming a routine leads to an increase in consumption; we end up buying more stuff to fill in the gaps.   

Here at Postconsumers, the seasonal changes and fall’s bright colors renew our mindfulness and commitment to quality. We want to help you beat the stress of addictive consumerism by offering pathways to joyful sufficiency and fulfilling experiences.

We’re thrilled to announce the redesigned Postconsumers.com!

In keeping with our evergreen perspective on individual, inclusive ways to celebrate the satisfaction of enough, we are excited to announce our new website!  We’ve taken our solutions-based mission mainstream with a fresh design, new content, and a cool campaign – #EnoughStuff For Now.

Whether people are able to choose buying a lot or a little, anyone can be a postconsumer by finding their own idea of enough for today.

The transformed site is full of helpful articles, humorous cartoons, and eco-friendly tips to learn about our inclusive, upscale-friendly approach. Using humor and irony, Postconsumers is building an inclusive U.S. brand without profit to help society move beyond addictive consumerism and toward the satisfaction of enough. We truly believe that ANYONE can be a postconsumer by finding their own idea of enough for today.

Let’s connect – we’d love to hear from you! Show the world that your stuff is enough for today!

In the months ahead, Postconsumers will explore just what it means to be “upscale-friendly,” to celebrate the unique journey in breaking the cycle of society’s addictive consumerism. Check out our beautiful new site and keep up with us on social media for fun ways to share your own ideas of #EnoughStuff. Don’t forget to subscribe to our quarterly newsletter to receive exclusive content and blog updates.


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