Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo da Vinci

What Do We Mean by “Upscale-Friendly?”

Most people usually feel somewhat defensive about their consumption choices, as though they’re going to be judged or calibrated, and worry some aspects may not measure up.

Perhaps they’ve felt excluded previously from other philosophies that include absolutes. Some movements exist in silos, while others seem too extreme to be accessible – let alone manageable – for everyday American life. As is often the case, we want to participate in activities that reduce consumption and addictive buying habits, but we’re unable to adhere to exact definitions or prescribed behaviors inherent of specific movements. Our good intentions and well-meaning efforts lead to feeling stressed or isolated and, soon enough, we give up.

Well, Postconsumers don’t judge or calibrate! We’re embracing the idea that any person can become a postconsumer by choosing to live more via celebrating the daily joy of enough.

Defined Individually. Practiced Inclusively.

Whether people choose to use a lot, a little, or in between, we think the missing element is to ask ourselves each day, “Do I have #EnoughStuff for now?” No pressure on the answer, let’s just be part of a revolution that regularly asks this question! Let’s make this question part of being an American! That’s upscale-friendly!

Mainstream Mindfulness

By asking this question daily, we can help to move the mainstream beyond society’s addictive consumerism. One postconsumer may choose to purchase eco-friendly home decor with minimal packaging. Another postconsumer may decide that two mansions on the coasts are enough residences for now. A third postconsumer may wish to upcycle an old sweater or textile into a homemade scarf or DIY grocery bag. There are many ways to practice conscious consumption habits — it’s all about finding what works for your lifestyle.

The easier steps like these are to incorporate into your daily routine, the more successful you’ll be at keeping new postconsumer habits. It all starts with one simple question!

“What is my personal definition of enough for today?”

Have ideas for postconsumers – both new and returning – on fun, creative ways to find the daily satisfaction of #EnoughStuff for now? Share them with us on social media! We invite you to live more by being in the moment with enough for today.