5 Pieces Of Summer Clothing To Buy At The Thrift Store

Our love for thrift stores knows no bounds. It’s a wonderful place to find some cool, funky clothes and accessories, participate in recycling and upcycling stuff, as well as contribute to charity and save money. With the summer coming up, that means it’s time to do some cool outdoorsy activities like barbeques, swimming, or even hiking or picnics. Instead of picking up some new threads for you or your kids at a big store, consider a trip to the thrift store instead! Here are 5 pieces of summer clothing you can buy at the thrift store to save money:


  1. Shorts: You can find all different styles and colors of shorts for the summer at the thrift store. If you don’t find a pair you like, even just buying an old pair of jeans and cutting them to your specific length works, too (and you can use the leftover material for rags or a crafty project).
  2. Skirts and dresses: Every time I walk into a thrift store, the dress selection is always huge. A light skirt or dress is perfect for the summertime.
  3. T-shirts: Another great selection at the thrift store is t-shirts. With a little digging around, you can find some funny and funky shirts for you or your kids.
  4. Light tops: To go with your skirts and shorts, a little digging can also net you some great, breathable tops in all kinds of colors and styles that you can wear for any occasion and use for mixing and matching.
  5. Bathing suit tops: Of course, bathing suit bottoms aren’t necessarily recommended buys (though you can repurpose t-shirts for the lining), but you can also find some bathing suit tops that will go great with some black bottoms.


What summer clothes do you get at the thrift store?  Like us on Facebook and tell us!

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