Carol Holst is based in the Los Angeles area and founded in 2010 to celebrate each person’s core values in our hypermaterialistic culture. Using humor and irony, Postconsumers is building a U.S. brand without profit to help society move beyond addictive consumerism and toward the satisfaction of enough. Anyone can be a postconsumer by finding their own idea of enough stuff for now — whether it’s a lot, a little, or in between.

All of Carol’s efforts in supporting Postconsumers and its strategic marketing team are driven by her epiphanic experiences with the United Nations. In 1994, she received major grants to build an organization as part of the United Nations conference, where she was taught the most crucial, nearly unaddressed question humanity faces: how much is enough?

At the headshot age of 64, Carol continues her longtime career as a professional artists’ model at top art studios in Los Angeles. She previously founded The Learning Place preschool and holds undergraduate degrees in education and sociology. Carol adores her two grown daughters in the ultrafast lane, both born on her birthday five years apart. However, her lane isn’t all that slow.


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