This month at Postconsumers, we’re really helping you to distance yourself from the consumer machine by giving you a hundred things that you can do instead of watch television. So far, we’ve devoted articles to topics like improving your brain, getting healthier, enjoying food and even fighting the consumer machine. But not every idea for how to get out from in front of the television falls neatly into a category. For our final set of tips on how to escape the television screen, we’re giving you some tasty leftovers!

91. Visit the Museum.

If we’re being honest, for us this would have been the first thing on our list entirely! If you think that things on television can move you emotionally and mentally, then that’s nothing compared to what a great work of art can do. And museums don’t need to be just about art, either. If you’re lucky enough to have natural history museums or other specialty museums, they can be amazing, too. The best part about this is that it doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. It often takes long periods of time for a person to see an entire museum and new exhibits are coming regularly.

Pro Tip: Double this up with some non-TV reading and learn more about artists whose work really moves you when you see it.

92. Go to Live Theater.

If you think that the acting and story-telling of a TV show is powerful, then you’ll be blown away when you feel those same emotions and the like from a few rows back in a live theater. And theater doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many passionate actors out there that most areas have a local or community theater that’s low-cost or free. Get out, support live arts, see some theater. You’ll find that most television falls flat after that!

93. Relax and Listen to Music (Perhaps with Wine!)

When was the last time that you put on (or streamed) your favorite album or musical genre and just listened to it? No, we don’t mean that it was background noise while you do something else or in your car while you’re focused on driving. Just…listen. We like this tip even more when it’s combined with a nice glass of wine or a cocktail and an open window.

Pro Tip: Consider trying this with music that’s new to you. A new genre, a new band. It can stimulate your mind and you may find something that you love.

94. Take a Vacation or Staycation.

Nothing makes you want to be in front of the television less than being somewhere new to explore where you can have new adventures. If it’s not in the cards for you to take a full-on vacation (and we love vacations!), consider a “staycation” on your weekend or days off. Get a hotel in a location near or within driving distance to you and splurge on just you (or just you and a partner). Have some room service. Get a massage. Just don’t order pay per view or spend your hotel time in front of the television!

95. Do a Pub Crawl.

We don’t want you to get so drunk that you get sick (or irresponsible), but a pub crawl can be a great way to spend a day with friends having fun and being social. You may even find a new local hangout that doesn’t have televisions where you can spend your spare time! And, you may also find a beer you love. Just hopefully you’ll find it early before they all start tasting the same!

96. Teach Yourself to Sew or Knit.

We could have inserted a lot of other skills or crafts into this, but sewing or knitting also gives you the opportunity to upcycle a lot of materials. That’s an added bonus. You’ll be able to get out from in front of the television in two different ways with this idea. Firstly, you’ll need time to learn your new craft or skill set. Secondly, once you’ve learned it, you’ll need (and likely want) more time to make more awesome things for yourself and others.

97. Spend Time Taking Photos.

We love the idea of getting out from behind the TV and getting behind the lens. Not only can amateur photography be such a fun hobby, but it will encourage you to get out and explore new places and adventures as you search for the perfect shot.

98. Write a Novel (or a Poem).

Just write – anything! We’ve mentioned writing before in this list in reference to specific activities, but you can be more artistic or free flow about it. Have you always had a great screenplay just waiting to get out? Do you have an ongoing fascination with haiku? Get out your pen (or your laptop if you prefer), turn off the distraction of the television, and start writing.

99. Go to a Coffee Shop and Read a Newspaper.

When was the last time you read a newspaper? So many of us digest our news these days through channels that are fast and instant like social media and, yes, cable television. But your brain will be more engaged if you take the time to read an actual newspaper (even if you do it on your tablet). And nothing goes better with a newspaper than the quiet buzz of a coffee shop. Yes, you will still be getting exposed to consumer advertising when looking at a newspaper. However, we think in this case it’s worth it for the experience.

100. Lay in the Sun and Do Nothing.

We’ve waited out this entire list just to get to this one! Just go lay in the sun. Relax. Wear sunscreen, but soak it in. Soak in the glorious sun!

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Photo Credit: Ángel Raúl Ravelo Rodríguez via Flickr