We love a touch of levity in the ongoing conversation about the consumerism crisis. If you didn’t catch it previously and you’re in a festive mood, you may want to take a moment to enjoy our take on traditional holiday carols. While, in the past, we’ve enjoyed what is a surprisingly postconsumer message from many traditional Irish toasts and quotes, we’ve never taken a stab at writing our own. However, since this year we’re launching our Postconsumers St. Patrick’s Day Resource Center, we thought it would be a good time to lighten the mood by “treating” you to our creative brainstorm on how to tackle consumerism with an Irish (or Irish-American) twist in some of our very own limericks.


We actually did have to look it up, by the way. A limerick is three long lines and two short lines with an aabba rhyming scheme!


The Girl with the Shoes

There once was a girl who loved shoes

She bought them and not just in twos

But one day she found

True love won’t abound

Just because you own ten Jimmy Choos


Keeping Up with the Joneses

The neighbors had a big house and fancy car

So the family worked so very hard

To gain all of those things

Yet the truth that does sting

Rest, less stress and joy was never theirs by far


The Satisfaction of Enough

Learning to let go of “stuff”

Is a task that can be very tough

We’re taught from our birth

That “stuff” is our worth

But that won’t get you the satisfaction of enough!


Buy Less, Live More

If you spend all of your time in a store

We think you’ll find life to be a bore

There’s so much to explore

That you can’t buy in a store

We entreat you, buy less and live more!


A Toast to Being Clutter Free

Let’s raise a glass of something boozy

That clutter clearing project sure was a doozy

There was so much stuff

Way more than enough

That now we need beer to get woozy!


The Marketing Team

The marketing team

Lived each day on a dream

That you would believe

That stuff’s what you need

And tune into the media machine


More, More, More

Rich, middle class or poor

They want you to believe that the store

Can make you feel whole

And like you achieved your goal

Which is why you should buy more, more, more


Did we not create a limerick that you think is an obvious one? Share your version of it with us on the social media channels below!

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Photo Credit: Diego López via Flickr