From the consumer-created marketing trap of trends to the hidden consumerism of vintage style to understanding that you are NOT where you shop, we’ve certainly devoted some page space on Postconsumers to ensuring that you can be thoughtful about the relationship between consumerism, identity and fashion. However, today, we’re going to give you a tool that should make this exercise just a touch easier. Yes, we’ve got a quiz! We love quizzes almost as much as Vogue does here at Postconsumers. And we have to admit that this one was fun to write. So, without further delay, let’s evaluate your relationship with fashion and consumerism, just choose the answer that comes closest.


Question 1: When You Shop for Clothing…

  1. You purchase what you like when you see it.
  2. You only visit stores you know and like (even if that is the thrift store).
  3. You don’t shop for clothing.


Question 2: How Would You Describe Your Style?

  1. The answer to this depends on the day you ask me.
  2. My style is trendy, on-point and on-fashion.
  3. I generally look like I just woke up.


Question 3: Would You Ever Buy a Knockoff of a High Fashion Brand?

  1. Of course! Why wouldn’t I?
  2. No. No, no, no, no and no.
  3. I might? I may have? What brands qualify? Who knows?


Question 4: Do You Dress Similarly to Your Friends?

  1. I am my own original style.
  2. Of course I do, because we all have taste.
  3. This depends on the day that you ask me.


Question 5: Is There a Piece of Clothing that You Consider Your Signature Piece?

  1. Of course! We all have favorite pieces of clothing.
  2. Of course! Who doesn’t have a signature fashion piece!
  3. Um. No.


Question 6: How Often Do You Shop for Clothing?

  1. I’m not sure. I kind of just pick things up as I go along.
  2. As soon as the new seasonal styles are released.
  3. When I discover holes in my clothes. And even then I may wait a while.


Question 7: What Do You Do With Clothes You are No Longer Wearing?

  1. I donate them.
  2. I store them. I dream of a bigger closet.
  3. I mean, by that point they are truly rag status.


Question 8: If You Were To Describe Yourself to Others, You Would Say…

  1. I look put together.
  2. I look on-trend.
  3. I look like I look.


Question 9: How Many Fashion Designers Can You Name?

  1. A handful. Some of them are interesting and I like their style.
  2. Almost all of them. Even the ones I know because I wouldn’t wear them.
  3. Seriously?


Question 10: When You Meet a Person for the First Time …

  1. I do make some assumptions based on what they’re wearing, who wouldn’t?
  2. I absolutely know lots about them based on what they’re wearing.
  3. I honestly don’t even notice what they’re wearing. Do you?


Grading Yourself

This one is easy to grade yourself on! Simply add up which answer number you chose the most (1, 2 or 3) and find your assessment below.

If You Answered 1 the Most …

You actually have a reasonably healthy relationship with fashion once you fall in love with your idea of enough. It’s okay to be involved in the consumer world, you just want to do so mindfully and without having it define your identity.

If You Answered 2 the Most …

You need to take a breath and a pause and truly evaluate if the “stuff” of fashion is fulfilling you in the ways that you need to be fulfilled. Other people – and brands – can’t define you. Only you can.

If You Answered 3 the Most …

You honestly may be rejecting fashion in a way that could be just as unhealthy as embracing it entirely. Let yourself have a little fun with it (unless you are a nudist like our founder, of course). Judgment is for the judicial branch.

So what do you think? Tell us your opinion of your results on the social media channels below.

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