Are you putting together lists for your gift-giving this holiday and don’t want to go to the big stores? Check out your local independent merchants! Supporting your local business when you need to buy is good for them and the community, too. Making a list of the local independent merchants in your area is a great way to save on your next shopping list!

Preparing a list of independent businesses is also great for gift ideas. Visiting a local business may uncover something unique for someone on your list – or even help spark an idea for a special someone. What’s cool about small businesses is that it’s very possible to get a referral for another kind of business entirely. When I was working at a local awards shop, we used to recommend people to glass makers and sign makers that were all locally-owned places. Sometimes other local businesses would recommend people to us, and we’d end up having new regular customers. A win for everyone involved!

Looking for resources on where the independent merchants are? A new alliance of independent businesses have teamed up to start a program called “Shift Your Shopping.” Their website,, was built for people (like Postconsumers!) looking to pump more money and jobs into their local economies by going to neighborhood independent merchants when you need to buy. They have resources that point you to “go local” in different parts of the country, and you can share your own story of going local on the site.

This holiday, go local! Learn a little more about your community by making a list of the independent merchants in your area so you can support your community while saving money. It’s the best way to spend wisely!


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